Real Weddings - Stacey and Michael

Fancy cars, a lost engagement ring, a fun bridal party...a beautiful day!

Stacey and Michael had all the trimmings (including awesome wedding cars!) for their stunning wedding at the Sebel Resort in Windsor.  From the guy's charcoal suits to the bride's sparkly bows on the back of her shoes, every detail had been attended to, and it was truly something to see.

But every wedding day has its challenges! As the cars arrived, the bride realised she had misplaced her engagement ring, and the panic set in! Amongst various phone calls, she spoke to her groom, in tears, worried what he would think when she asked him "do you know where my engagement ring is?" but true love means more than diamonds and gold, and the groom simply said "Dont worry about it now, lets just get married!"

Of course the ring was later found but the most precious thing for a stressed bride to hear at a moment like this, is that her man just wants to see her walking down the aisle towards him.  Doesnt it give you goose bumps?!

A wonderful couple, a crazy bridal party (check out the little dude with the Groom!), a truly beautiful wedding.  Congratulations Michael and Stacey, thank you for choosing Classic Cars of America to take you to your special day. 



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